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Alkaline fasting

Alkaline fasting has a thorough cleansing & purifying effect and restores the acid-base balance in your body.

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Alkaline fasting has a thorough cleansing & purification effect and restores the acid-base balance in your body. A balanced acid-base balance is important because too many acids in the body can no longer be excreted via the kidneys and intestines. Over-acidification of the body can lead to many health problems. The alkaline cure is intended to counteract this and create an awareness for healthy nutrition. The advantage of fasting is that you can eat your fill! The diet is limited to purely alkaline foods, such as vegetables, salads, potatoes and fruit. Our alkaline fasting offer includes the following services:

5 nights incl. BollAnts pampering services and daily changing activity and relaxation programme. (Arrival Sun., Departure Fri.)

  • 3 alkaline meals daily (not all meals on the day of arrival or departure)
  • Introductory talk with introduction to your alkaline days
  • 1 detoxification with Glauber's salt
  • 1 body fat analysis
  • 2x healing earth steam bath 
  • 1x alkaline-mineral body care with alkaline salts and honey in the steam bath
  • 1x alkaline full bath according to P. Jentschura
  • 1x alkaline face fleece mask
  • 4x alkaline foot baths according to P. Jentschura
  • 1x tips and exchange from and with our nutritionist
  • 1x pH measuring strip - determine acid-base status quickly and easily
  • 1x P. Jentschura information folder with many valuable tips on the subject of hyperacidity & purification
  • 1x to support the purification you will receive the following P. Jentschura products worth 124,-€, for use in your room as well as at home: 750 g alkaline salt, a pair of alkaline stockings, 60 g root power, 7x7 herbal tea (the universal slag remover) and a body brush.

A doctor's consultation and a colon hydrotherapy can be booked in addition, after consultation with our wellness.

For further information and an individual booking, please contact us at +49 (6751) 9339 -0 or We will be happy to advise you personally!

We have daily updated prices, which are based on supply & demand. On request, we will send you an individual offer for your arrangement.